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Design Research and Theory has little profile in New Zealand, outside of universities, falling behind Design Practice in terms of publications and conferences.

Design writers of considerable reputation, including Richard Buchanan, Roberto Verganti, Theo van Leeuwen and Steven Scrivener, have spoken in New Zealand in recent years at the invitation of AUT. Otago University regularly brings out key theorists, such as Gui Bonsiepe, as does Massey University in Wellington. Having access to such international thinkers on design has made a significant contribution to broadening the theoretical discourse within the New Zealand design community. However these instances are not accessible to all researchers.

There is a real synergy resulting from research regularly shared. A significant strength of the anti-po-des initiative is its collaborative nature and the bond it has already forged between personnel from a range of New Zealand design institutions. From its inception, it was determined that the collaborative and pan-university structure of organisation would be preferable to the journal becoming resident in any one tertiary institution. anti-po-des therefore has an editorial board and referees drawn from most university and technical institute design schools in New Zealand, and some members with New Zealand connections in Australia, Great Britain and USA.

We see this as an extendable model in terms of possibilities for theoretical discussion; but for design research in New Zealand to truly benefit, multiple forums are necessary for sharing research and developing collaborative activities. Forums available to all researchers.

This research journal is one initiative intended to strengthen research confidence. The research symposium is another. The time is right for another pan-university research forum—an associated research conference—to extend this.

Al Robertson’s logo vibes with the beat of tongan drums New Zealand’s three main islands are distinctive in shape and alignment; they offer artists and designers scope for a wide range of visual interpretation…
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the minutiae of everyday life
implicit in decisions of scale
al robertson’s logo vibes with  the beat of tongan drums the minutiae of everyday life implicit in decisions of scale the minutiae of everyday life implicit in decisions of scale