vision and mission

encouraging and mentoring emerging researchers forming an inclusive design
vibrant, rigorous research in the antipodes      research community linking design researchers,
faculties, practitioners

anti-po-des’ vision

One of the principal aims of the Journal is to increase the quality of design discourse in New Zealand and the region, to encourage a community of design researchers. By facilitating research, writing and publishing, the journal realises the ambitions of many design schools in New Zealand, for the research of both its academic staff and post-graduate students.

Research is traditionally the basis for academic claims to knowledge. We address New Zealand-specific design issues as well as those of general interest to design-based inquirers; encourage diverse approaches; and draw on a wide editorial base, with national and international referees providing double-blind peer review, to ensure impartiality, rigour and quality.

In a world faced with increasing complexity, design offers a means of learning and decision-making based on practice. This is the potential extended in research by practice, heuristics, action research or reflective inquiry, and other methods. Progressively more precedents are emerging internationally for practice-based research that is methodically reasoned, scholarly, and theoretically grounded.

anti-po-des intends to elevate design thinking by demonstrating a commitment to vital, pertinent, and stimulating research; sharing and clarifying ideas in the form of discussion, debate and informed dissension. It will do this through the journal and through research events.

anti-po-des’ mission

To support the development of a design research culture.

To support, encourage, and assist the publication and dissemination of design research so that emerging and established researchers benefit from double-blind peer review and strengthen their ability to publish Internationally.

To continue an inter- and independent working method that benefits the community of researchers.

To develop and support a network of design researchers in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific area and rim, who will contribute to International design discourse and creative practice.


We have been supported in the development of the journal by former Editorial Board members Paul Johnston, Al Robertson and Terry Love. Advice has kindly been given by Editors, and by Professor Allan Bell and Dr Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul, both of AUT University, and Professor Ken Friedman of Swinburne University of Technology. AUT University has supported the establishment of the journal website and Unitec supported the first anti-po-des research symposium.
Volume 1 was Guest Edited by Sally Hollis-McLeod, Stan Mauger, Alan Young, Paul Johnston and Peter Crowe. APA consulting was provided by Brendan Smith of Unitec. Volume 2 is Guest Edited by Lynne Ciochetto and Noel Waite, with Sally Hollis-McLeod.
The website development is by Don Francis at Inky Smudge.

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