cover image - current issue

the cover image of anti-po-des 1 is a recreation
of the drawing, which in turn accompanied an object,
which resembled a coffee table with a sunken metal bowl.
As other-footed a process as one expects of the antipodes.
Table design and fabrication by Jonathon Logan,
Nikkel, Guy and Ruben.Read more

anti-po-des design research journal
vol 1 november 4 2011
ISSN 2230-6897

Thinking through design.
Design-led research +
Research-led design

This is the theme for our first issue of anti-po-des design research journal. In our Call For Papers we stated that design is a discipline open to—and often driving—contemporary developments in cultural, commercial and scientific thinking. It has a distinctive ability to enable the application of that knowledge in practical life. The papers that have become this first issue of anti-po-des address thinking through design and the practical application of such theory and practice in a range of ways.

Fashion has been a strong supporter. It has been exciting to see how the fashion field is engaging with aspects of its practice; communicating issues and contributing to what is a vibrant research community in both academy and industry.

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