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call for papers #3 extended abstract deadline

anti-po-des design research journal issue 3 2015

structures: the conceptual, physical and ideological structures
by which design efforts, actions, processes, objects and discourses
impact on society; and vice versa.

anti-po-des design research journal #3 invites abstracts for papers that explore or engage with the concept of structure at the intersection of design and society. Whether from the perspective of design in society, or from the social within design(ing), it is the structures that mediate and are mediated by this relationship that we invite researchers and practitioners to focus on for issue 3.

This issue is dedicated to the exploration of interstitial mechanisms, forms, and linkages that afford or redirect influence and impact between design and society. We welcome work from the full spectrum of disciplines associated with the creative industries, including, but not limited to: design research; participative design; practitioners of visual culture from the past; material culture; representation (artefacts, culture, lifestyle) network theory; communication and sociology; spatial or urban design in a social context; and society and technology. Suggested areas in design and sociology are on the second section of the call for papers in pdf form.

Submission of abstracts
The deadline for abstracts is now 30 November, 2014. Please do not submit an abstract for which you cannot submit a paper if accepted. anti-po-des uses double-blind peer review for abstracts and papers, In most cases these are academic reviewers drawn from the discipline of the researcher.

We welcome established researchers and support new researchers with full feedback.
anti-po-des is an online journal. Please view the journal website:

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The Author Guidelines should be read and followed carefully. This section contains all the information necessary for submission. Please also note:

  • Include major reference sources in your abstract.
  • Referencing must conform to APA 7 bibliographic style, or it will not be accepted.
  • USA contributors please note that we use MSWord’s Australian or UK English.

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Create your Word doc or docx in anti-po-des style via the template in the author submission section (pdf). Create and submit your abstract or article via this section of the website as only material submitted this way is accepted.
Please note: as we have been having trouble with attachments, paste your abstract in the body of this submission so that we have your details and copyright declaration, and also send as an attachment word doc to our other email:

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Updates to editorial dates posted. Projected publication date: July/August 2015.

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Feel free to email us with queries not covered by the FAQ section.

the structures by which