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The distinctive shapes and alignment of New Zealand’s
three main islands offer artists and designers scope
for a wide range of visual interpretation, stylisation
and abstraction. More and more of them are tapping
into the immediate recognition and emotional
attachment of the map’s form, to create logos and
identitiesthat mean something to New Zealanders.Read more

anti-po-des design research journal
vol 2 august 2013
ISSN 2230-6897

Design futures.
Laboratories and design foundations

The call for papers for the second issue of the online design research journal anti-po-des invited submissions that explored the range and diversity of design research, with an emphasis on the concept of design as a laboratory, and within this concept we sought submissions on either the foundations or futures of design. The central question to be addressed was: In what ways has design contributed to or undermined innovative social change in the past, what is design’s present role in terms of social innovation, and how might design work constructively with other disciplines in enhancing human development and advancing social and environmental wellbeing? As New Zealand’s international reputation as a “social laboratory” emerged at the end of the 19th century, this was a fitting starting point.

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