Schleser and David

Mobile AR—creating augmented experiences

Max R.C. Schleser

Subject Director Digital Media
Institute of Communication Design
College of Creative Arts, Massey University
Wellington, New Zealand

Gaby David

PhD Candidate
Laboratoire de Histoire Visuelle Contemporaine–Lhivic
Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales–EHESS
Paris, France


This article explores how the characteristics of mobile media aesthetics (Schleser 2009 and 2011) can be related to augmented cultural experiences in metropolitan places like London and Paris. Using Lynch’s concept of “imageability” (1979) and a cultural studies approach towards the understanding of places (Barkers 2008) two contemporary mAR (mobile Augmented Reality) applications are examined. The case studies illustrate that mAR can create augmented cultural experiences, which can lead to a reinterpretation in the understanding of the current places in the city and simultaneously in a mobile mediascape. Furthermore this article explores the mobilization of a cultural infrastructure looking at the new prospects emerging through mAR. These developments are critically analyzed through pointing at the commodification of digital places and a lack of user-based integration into complex computational systems. The research draws upon critical theory to outline a dynamic and increasingly mobile infrastructure, which creates new relationships between technology and culture further developing pioneering AHI (Augmenting Human Intellect) experiments.

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